Guidelines for successful interactive presentations.

Follow these brief instructions for a successful interactive presentation.

Technical side (creating presentations with Powerpoint 2007)
  • Presentation time 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Font size 32 to 44.
  • Use bullets for sentences.
  • Each slide can contain up to 44 words a picture and last a minute.
  • Same background to all slides.
  • For dark background colors use bright colors font that is not type-serif.
  • Add audio, images and animation.
  • Make your presentation interactive by adding a menu and quiz.
Watch videos how to add to your presentation title and text,
design, sound, images, video, menu, animations and quiz.
Example (Powerpoint 2007).

A non-technical side (presentation)
  • The duration of the presentation is less than the time display.
  • Contact with the audience (questions, humor).
  • Simple, short, representing such.
  • No read the text of the slides.
  • We do not talk like we know everything.
  • Use utilities like zoomit to focus on important points of the presentation.

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