Draw and write on your desktop screen.

If you are looking for a program to draw or write on your desktop screen then try the Microsoft ZoomIt. With this excellent Windows utility you can also magnify any area of the desktop using either the mouse wheel or the arrow keys.
ZoomIt works with hotkeys like :

Ctrl+1 (zoom the screen)
  • up arrow zoom-in
  • down arrow zoom-out
Ctrl+2 (change the mouse into a screen pen)
  • r for red ink
  • b for blue
  • g for green
  • y for yellow
  • o for orange
  • p for pink
  • e to erase
  • t type text
  • Left Ctrl+up arrow increase pen width
  • Left Ctrl+down arrow reduce pen width
  • Shift draws a line
  • Ctrl draws rectangle
  • Tab draws ellipse
  • Shift+Ctrl draws arrow
  • Ctrl+C copy screen
  • Ctrl+S save screen to image file
ZoomIt works on all versions of Windows, it's a great and easy tool.
Try it with the interactive whiteboard Wiigo of Gdo Multimedia or just use it as presenation pointer instead of a laser pointer.

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