Remotely control your PC with Wiigo.

Reply to the post 'Cheap interactive whiteboard' to inform you about the Wiigo from Gdo Multimedia, a new freeware program. With the Wiigo you can remotely control programs and games . Wiigo it can be used as remotely mouse with a single near-infrared source (like a lit candle or infrared LED).
Also Wiigo can transform any flat screen display into an interactive whiteboard.
1. Buy a Nintendo Wiimote.
2. Follow the tutorial how to connect your Wiimote to your PC.
3. Download and install the Wiigo.

If you want to use the Wiigo in "interactive whiteboard mode", you will need also an infrared pen. You can build the pen yourself or get a pre-made one.
See the Help for details.

You can remotely control :
1. PowerPoint presentations.
2. Mapping software:
Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google Earth
3. Physics simulation software:
4. Virtual Tourism:
5. Media Browsing:
6. Painting progams:
Alias Sketchbook Pro
7. Flash games:
8. Other PC games....and what ever you thing!!!

- Windows operating system.
- Microsoft .NET 3.5 (or later).

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