flex products plugin - for the Divi Builder & Visual Builder.

In previous post we talk about the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. The Divi theme has a visual drag and drop page builder based on modules. We suggest to add another one module the flex products plugin. With flex products plugin you can give easily the products of WooCommerce a masonry look! A beautiful responsive masonry view of your products with five columns for extra large devices, four columns for large devices, three columns for medium devices, two columns for small devices and one column for extra small devices. You can set the order type & number of the products,the image of the product, price text, titles and captions, overlay, shadow, filters, text font and colors, borders and animations. Custom css for product, sale price, image of the product, overlay of the image, overlay content, title, rating, price, old price. Is compatible with Divi Version 3.10+. For help click here .

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