Proper use of computers!

The use of the computer screen, keyboard and mouse can be generally regarded as safe activity, provided that you arrange proper ergonomics in the workplace. 
Follow these tips for healthy computer use. 
1. Select a chair that allows you to change the height, the angle touches you.Your feet should touch the ground in front of the chair and you should use a footstool.
2. When using the keyboard, make sure to maintain a vertical position in your arm and your fingers are just above the keyboard. 
3. When using the mouse, make sure your wrist resting against the surface of the office without being stretched to reach. 
4. The screen should be at an arm length away from you, and the top should be at the level of your eyes. It is also important to look away from the screen every few minutes. 
5. For right lighting fixture set at such an angle so that you have no reflections or strong lighting behind the screen. 
6. Undoubtedly the best way to relieve the pressure in the eye and your body is to make frequent intervals (every 30 or 60 minutes). Simply select a cup of coffee or a walk outside your office.

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