Tips for beautiful digital photos!

1. Buy digital camera with little money for megapixel. The 6 megapixel is more than enough, prefer to invest in good lenses with f-stop: f/2.8 (for objects with low lighting without using flash).
2. Always find the sun behind you.
3. Always check the surrounding area of the photographic object, to avoid the electricity wires, parked cars, trash ...
4. Prefer the position of the object imagery to represent the 1 / 3 of the whole picture either vertically or horizontally.
5. The more firmly hold the camera the better (prefer tripod).
6. Edit your photos on your computer with an image editing program (post
image processing with Paint.NET).
7. We propose two techniques for better photos:
a. Effects> Photo> Sharpen
b. Duplicate Layer in the Background Layer and give Blending Mode: Overlay Layer Properies in the new Layer.

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