Search smart with Google!!!

For the millions of people Google is a search tool used every day. 
Use the following instructions to make your searches more efficient.

1. If you want to search for a specific phrase, use quotation marks eg "Vital gap"

2. Use the advanced search. 

3. Use define: dumb to see a multitude of definitions of the word dumb from different sources. 

4. One of the more practical uses, the operation of the calculator as example write (345 +782) * 324 press Search to find the result. Use +, -, *, / symbols and parentheses.

5. Use 1 USD in Euros to find parity between dollar and euro.

6. Use 20 miles in kilometers to convert miles to kilometers. 

7. Instead of a condition survey on all pages of the Internet, specifically search through news, blog, books, pictures, studies, inventories, cost, maps, patents, products, videos and more.

9. If you want to search for specific file types such as PDF, documents of Word, Excel spreadsheets and others, eg use filetype: pdf java for pdf files on the programming language java. 

Good Results!

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