Safety and computers!!!

In the question if there is security in computers today, the answer is NO. Unless we close thr connection of Internet, and do not install any program! Of course with the proper tools and common sense we can prevent some security to our PC. Follow a few simple tips to feel safe, you and your family. 

1. Be cautious and do not easily accept that others say on the Internet, just use common sense. 
2. Install antivirus, antispyware and firewall programs. 
3. Learn the procedures (processes) of Windows that are active,use the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) to see. 
4. Create strong passwords over eight characters in the form of 'akjdsu ^% er172 * jkhf @ 34 ..'. 
5. Do not open links that are in e-mails, unless you are 100% sure. 
6. Try browsers like Firefox or Opera. 
7. Protect your files with winzip password giving the zip file. 
8. Turn off the trail when you close your browser. In Firefox (Ctrl-Shift-Delete). 
9. The computer of the children is better to be in a common view.
10. Turn on the WPA encryption, the MAC address filtering and set rules about what hours will allow access to the Internet from your router. 

Good luck!

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